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When you come to see a homeopath, you get to tell your story; the story of your life and how it impacted you. Why are we interested in this? We as homeopaths, know that illness or disease in the body is the last outlet of whatever impacts us in our lives. First come the wounds, both physical and emotional, then sometimes much later, come the signs and symptoms in our bodies. It is like our spirits use our body as a way to preserve us and keep it all intact. Better to have sore joints than be unable to cope on a mental level with our lives. What each of us show as signs and symptoms, depends on what we are susceptible to, what weaknesses we have inherited. If I have a great shock such as the loss of a loved one, I might develop joint pains, but if the same happened to you, you might develop headaches. Homeopathy treats all of these kinds of particular problems. IT IS THAT SPECIFIC. We can narrow down particular symptoms and their causes to find just the right medicine to treat that reaction in your body.

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HOMEOPATHY - A Manual for Mothers
By Janee Niebler


MOMS, Now you can have Homeopathy: A Manual For Mothers at your fingertips when you download onto your personal device!

This E-book shows you how to treat common children's health problems such as colds, flu, etc with homeopathy. The format is easy to use and the book details how to give remedies and how to select the best remedy for your child's illness. There are also remedies for new moms to help with breastfeeding and post birth healing.

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