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The isolation and treatment of symptoms and parts of the body as single and separate entities is just not doing the job in our society today. Always the basic tenant of Homeopathy is to see the body and mind as an interactive whole with all symptoms taken into consideration together. Click here to read more.

INFLUENZINUM: This year's anti-flu virus remedy is now available in the office. Call the office to arrange pick-up.


Families with young children are understandably worried about the dreaded flu affecting them. Consider using Homeopathic remedies to prevent or treat this condition once flu symptoms show themselves. This form of natural medicine has been treated such conditions for over 200 years with great success, no matter what the new strain is called.

Since the flu is a viral illness, antibiotics are not prescribed, hence the use of vaccines. Whether the vaccine is given or not, homeopathy will treat these illnesses, as many times the flu will rear its head in spite of vaccines. Homeopathy is a controlled and safe way to prepare our families for the flu season as well as a deep-acting form of treatment in case of flu symptoms. It is wonderful to have such a choice for our families.

Homeopathy is recognized form of healthcare for our families according to Health Canada and the Ministry of Health. This gentle, safe and thorough method of treatment possibilities and its rapid results. Homeopathy uses ingredients from nature. It is very different from herbs in that whatever natural source is used, the substance is prepared homeopathically to remove any possible side-effects. Not only that, but a sudden acute illness such as the flu may require only a few doses of the chosen remedy to arrest the illness entirely.

The best way to prevent the flu in our families is to have a Homeopath do a complete work-up to assess what other health or digestive/lung weaknesses can be treated to tone up the immune system. Then the homeopath will prescribe a suitable remedy that is individualized for each child or family member. Anyone in a weak condition with recurrent health problems is not prepared to fight off he flu. Giving a "constitutional" remedy before the flu season by having a complete assessment done is going a long way to prevent the flu.

For the treatment of acute illness with flu symptoms, such as sudden fever, vomiting, muscle aches, chills, exhaustion, stomachaches etc, there are many remedies to choose from. So many are available in fact that it us better to have a homeopath assess the family member to choose the one that fits best. The beauty of homeopathy is that each flu remedy will have different symptoms that it treats and therefore can specifically targets the epidemic flu accurately and safely. In Homeopathy, we have other choices and this makes the upcoming flu season a lot less daunting.

HOMEOPATHY - A Manual for Mothers
By Janee Niebler


How to treat common health conditions in new moms, babies and children using Homeopathic remedies.

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