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Janee Niebler RN., BA., DHMS

Careful individual analysis of each case is in keeping with the approach in Janee Niebler's private practice in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. She offers 25 years of medical experience from her early years of working in hospitals as a registered nurse. This background has been most helpful in her practice of Homeopathy and is not normally seen in natural health practitioners. She is a practicing Homeopath registered with the Ontario Homeopathic Association (#2000-32) and the Canadian Society of Homeopaths.
Janee Niebler took a long road to come to Homeopathic Medicine. Trained in conventional medicine as a registered nurse in the 1960's, she enjoyed the excitement and high learning potential of the more specialized units of the hospitals such as Recovery Room, Cardiac Care, Neurosurgery and Intensive Care. Her compassionate nature and love of learning made these wonderful, gratifying years. In her spare time between work and raising three daughters, she studied part-time for her Bachelor of Arts at the University of Toronto. She was drawn to Literature and Art. She divided her studies into these two areas and following a deep need to create, started painting for her own pleasure. Studying art enabled her to utilize her creative gifts and to see things from other harmonious perspectives. Eventually, she graduated from U.of T. in 1985 on the Dean's List and continued to work as a Registered Nurse.

Very quickly, she became dissatisfied with lack of holistic treatment available for the mental and emotional states of the patients. A patient with a sore elbow could have that treated locally with physiotherapy etc., but if the patient was depressed at the same time, he/she must visit a psychiatrist or take palliative medications. Conventional medical training having been compartmentalized with Psychiatry as a specialty, implied that patients were treated by most doctors at the physical level only and by necessity the patient was referred on to a psychologist or psychiatrist for aid. She was dismayed by the lack of medicine available to treat holistically, seeing the patient as one mental/physical/spiritual unit. Taking her cue from the patients who told her that physically they felt relieved by medicines but emotionally they were caught up in various untreated states, she began to look further. This began her investigation into "Alternative Medicine".

In the 1980's, she took it upon herself to study therapies using "energy fields" such as Therapeutic Touch and Reiki to see what they involved. Much to her delight, she discovered that these forms of therapy were very calming and beneficial at a whole new level. Patients felt their pains reduce, became relaxed and more peaceful. She wondered whether there was a form of medicine which addressed all levels of the human condition in a more specific way; a method which combined the attention to mental and emotional states as well as physical problems. After much investigation, she discovered Homeopathic Medicine. As she describes it, "All the bells and whistles went off and I knew I had to study this form of medicine". She spent the next three years studying Homeopathy full-time at the Homeopathic College of Canada and apprenticing with qualified Homeopaths. Her search to find a form of medicine which satisfied her need to treat patients holistically and individually resulted in her setting up practice in Mississauga.

Her combination of years of experience in the conventional medical field, her intuitive insight into the needs of her patients and her dedication to the profession have made her an asset to the Homeopathic Medical community.

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