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"My son was diagnosed by his doctor with an incurable disease. It was not life threatening but it was painful, unpleasant and it limited his life living expectations. He decided to see Janee. This decision saved him a lot of suffering. The incurable disease was cured by Janee, it was like a miracle and still is. Many thanks to Janee, we owe you a lifetime!"


"We met Janee about 5 years ago when seeking treatment for my eldest son. The moment I met Janee, I was immediately at ease and impressed with her warmth, compassion and desire to help heal others. We turned to homeopathy after finding that traditional medicine seemed to have many negative effects on my son. The homeopathic remedies are easy for children to take and had no unwanted side effects. Janee has also treated my youngest son. I even have her book and quite often reference it for help with common ailments of children. Recently, I have contacted Janee to see if she could assist with an issue my dog and was elated that she could even help with her! I would highly recommend Janee to that anyone seeking or considering homeopathic treatment."

C. Fasulo

"Janee Niebler started off in a health care career as a nurturing nurse,
Observing in her western medicine world, that some patients were feeling worse,
She made it her personal mission to climb a holistic healing hill,
Luckily, referred to her care, for exhaustion, menopause, & stress related ills,
Combined experience, dedication, flexibility and a regime, devised only for me,
Dr. Niebler, with expertise & positive aura, will diagnose & treat your condition(s) naturally."

Forever grateful our paths crossed
Caralyn Crang

"Hello Janee,

I just wanted to say hi and thank for your help . Very soon after I visited your clinic, some positive changes happened within my family so everybody is happy now. Medication that you prescribed for my fibroids worked great, no more problems of that kind.
So once again thanks a lot. Even though my insurance did not cover my visit I am planning to see you in future if I need to."

All the best
T. S.

"Fifteen plus years ago, I was diagnosed as being bipolar. I was immediately given a script for Lithium. I was taking this medication for many years.

In 2004 I met Janee and started seeing her on a regular basis for several issues, physical and emotional. I was feeling some negative side effects from the Lithium I had been on for so many years and knew I could not continue. My short term memory was just about non existent, my personality and emotional response to everything in life was dead, and I was awakened in the night with my body twitching involuntarily.

Once Janee and I had formed a trusting and confident patient, professional relationship, we began talking seriously about me getting off of the Lithium for good. I was more than ready to do this. Janee started me on a remedy specifically designed for me, which I could take along with the Lithium. Over a period of a year, I weaned off of the Lithium with my doctor's assistance in the process and in October of 2007 I was completely off.
I have never looked back. I am now living a positive life that I never expected to have. I am so aware of everything around me. I am bright, I can read a book and enjoy it so much. I have a memory and a wonderful relationship with my family and friends. I am excited about every day and always look forward to new adventures. I have learned how to handle stress and live each day moment to moment. I am truly a very content and happy person inside and out.

Words could never be enough to express my gratitude to you Janee, for giving me this gift of positive life. I remain so appreciative of your intelligence, your intuitive nature, your listening skills, your understanding, your professional knowledge, and your consistent care for me. I am indebted to you for this life I have now. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

Most sincerely, J.A.

After the difficult birth of my son I had postpartum depression and some anxiety issues. I had gone to my GP with only the option of antidepressants. Two weeks of that I realized that was not for me. I was referred to Janee by the Lakeshore Pharmacy and after a few visits and a wonderful shoulder to cry on, I was well on the way to being my old self. After that Janee has been invaluable to our family from everything to ear infections, nightmares and then helping us with fertility issues to have our second son. I would highly recommend Janee Niebler to anyone . She is highly qualified, professional and a wonderful addition to anyone's personal healthcare.

Tania Light